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Interesting Buildings

Name of Group: Interesting Buildings

Group Leaders: Liz Wilson and Ann Carter

Day Group Meets: Thursday

How Frequently Group Meets: Monthly

Time of Day: Morning
Time Meetings Start: 10.30 a.m. May vary depending on venue agreed.
Time Meetings Finish: Will vary depending on travel time and venue.

Location of Meetings: Public Venue. Venue will vary each month and will be agreed by members and publicised well in advance.

Next Meeting:
 Visit to the Victoria Gallery and Museum 
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? - April 2019

Photo is of some of 15 members in the Quadrangle of the Victoria Buildings on Brownlow Hill during a visit to the Victoria Gallery and Museum on 24 April. Everybody enjoyed an enthralling tour of the Gallery and Museum marvelling at stunning architecture and many displays of the University's art and heritage collections. The visit was topped-off with a delicious lunch in the cafe. 
A hidden gem in Liverpool well worth a visit.

Purpose of Group: 
To visit and appreciate buildings of interest locally and enable members to follow-up the visit with their own research if they wish.

What Happens at Group Meetings: 
The Group will meet at planned venues for guided tours to enhance their knowledge and interest of local historical buildings.

Group sizes may vary at times as some venues may limit numbers.

Priority will be offered to Aintree U3A members who registered their request to join the Group.

Any future visits to large venues e.g. by coach will be open to all members.

Does the Group currently have any vacancies? Yes
Visit of this NEW Group to Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral - February 2019

Pictured above is the inaugural visit of this NEW Group to Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral (14 February). Two of our members rang the Cathedral bell which precedes 12 o'clock prayers. The tour included an area known as Dulverton Bridge which provided an amazing view of the main altar and Cathedral windows. The tour group of 16 was led by John Stoddern, one of our members who volunteers at the Cathedral.

Contact the Group Leader
Contact Interesting Buildings Group Leader:

Liz Wilson
Landline phone: 0151 474 6843
Mobile phone: 07875 178 557
Visit to Nordic Church 
(21 March 2019)

15 members of the Group enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Nordic Church in Park Lane. The tour was followed by an excellent lunch locally.
Visit to Bluecoat Arts Centre - June 2019

Photo shows our members enjoying a fascinating tour of the Bluecoat Arts Centre Blue in Liverpool, the oldest building in Liverpool city centre. Bryan, the artistic director, gave us an amazing tour of a building steeped in history. 

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