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Setting-up New Group

Points to Consider
If you are thinking about setting-up a new group, then here are a few points that you need to think about:

  1. Consider the subject matter
  2. Time available to commit to running a group - Will the group meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.?
  3. Where will the group meet? i.e. in your own home or at the Club or is it an outdoor activity?
  4. How many people can be involved in the group so that it is manageable?
Sometimes, it happens that groups reach capacity but if you're interested in running a similar group to an existing one, then that would be a great idea. 

Next Step
If you'd like to proceed with setting-up a new group, then the Group Support Co-ordinator is here to support you:

  • Organising new interest groups 
  • Keeping in touch with existing ones 
  • Providing group information to the Newsletter Editor, so that all of the members can keep in touch with group news by reading the Newsletter.
  • Liaising with the Web Editor to initiate your group page on the site
Help yourself and the Group Support Co-ordinator by downloading and completing this form:

    Contact the Group Support Co-ordinator
    You can contact the Group Support Co-ordinator, Liz Wilson, in THREE ways:
    1. Landline phone: 0151 474 6843
    2. E-mail:
    3. Mobile phone: 07875 178 557

    Each group will have its own page on the web site. 
    Have a look at the other group pages.