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Ukulele Group 2

Name of Group: Ukulele Group 2

Group Leader: Connie Cain

Day Group Meets: Monday

How Frequently Group Meets: Weekly

Time of Day: Afternoon
Time Meetings Start: 2 p.m.
Time Meetings Finish: 3 p.m.

Location of Meetings: Members’ homes

Contact the Group Leader
Contact Ukulele Group 2 Leader:

Connie Cain
Telephone: 0151 526 0575

Next Meeting: 

Purpose of Group: 
To meet to learn how to play the ukulele for fun using YouTube sites and music books to explain fingering, strumming and chords.

What Happens at Group Meetings: 
Practise tuning, fingering chords and strumming patterns.
Aim to proceed to playing basic songs.

Does the Group currently have any vacancies? Yes

Performance at Aintree Hospital

On 9 March, Ukulele Groups 1 and 2 performed on Ward 30 at Aintree Hospital for patients, staff and visitors:

"Thought they were very good from the start. Patients and the band looked like they were having a good time." - Ward Manager

"Will have you all back any time. As soon as you can arrange a date. Really appreciated you all coming to play and giving up your time." - Arts Manager

All the ukulele players enjoyed performing and 
would be happy to play on other wards.