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Wine Appreciation Group 2

Name of Group: Wine Appreciation  - Group 2

Group Leader: Carol Ingham

Day Group Meets: Wednesday

How Frequently Group Meets: Monthly

Time of Day: Evening
Time Meetings Start: 7.30 p.m.
Time Meetings Finish: 10 p.m.

Location of Meetings: Members’ homes

Contact the Group Leader
Contact Wine Appreciation Group 2 Leader:

Carol Ingham
Telephone: 0151 531 9690

Purpose of Group: 
To learn about different wines from all over the world. To identify the type of grape and explore which wines we enjoy with different foods. Also to compare cheaper wines with more expensive wines.

What Happens at Group Meetings: 
To taste wines and discuss our individual preferences.  To score the wines and record our findings so we can see if our tastes have changed at a later date after we have gained more knowledge.

Does the Group currently have any vacancies? No

Next Meeting: 

Joining the Wine Appreciation Group 2

The Wine Appreciation Group 2
 is now full. 

If members wish to start another Wine Appreciation Group, please contact Liz WilsonGroup Support Coordinator, who will be happy to offer support to enable further groups to start.